Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to change windows Xp Professional Boot Screen

How to change windows default boot screen in Xp Professional.Easy way to change boot screen in windows xp professional . These are two separate image locations requiring editing, Some computers support change in .bmp file and some required change in bios .we are now changing .bmp file, For this we have to edit OS boot screen information file.very easy steps but do careful other wise your system wont boot.Now we need an image that u want to use in boot screen,no need high resolution and large image.Size required 215×147 .bmp file with 16 colors ,if image ready we need a small tool Resource Hacker for change in boot screen.

How to change windows Xp Professional Boot Screen
Before starting open c://windows/system32 and locate ntoskrnl.exe ,and copy this ntoskrnl.exe past on desktop in this file we are going to change.(remember don’t cut ntoskrnl.exe file from system 32) Download Resource Hacker .now open ntoskrnl.exe file (its on desktop)in Resource Hacker,Expand Bitmap > 5 and highlight the 1033 folder. Right-click the 1033 icon and choose Replace Resource. Click the Open file with new bitmap button and locate the image you created earlier. Click the Replace button. Save and exit Resource Hacker. You can optionally replace all elements of the boot screen by editing each portion of the Bitmap.
Reboot into Safe Mode and copy your newly created ntoskrnl.exe file into the Windows > system32 folder. Done this new boot screen id ready.
DISCLAIMER: We here at The Tech Guide are NOT responsible for anything that happens to your computer as a result of this procedure. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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